About me

A (very ) short history of Jean

The world, into which I was born as Jean Day, was I now realise one of shortages and fear. I however had not the slightest inkling of the devastation happening all over the world and spent my childhood gazing at the world in wonder.

As a child my happiest hours were spent drawing, reading, or wandering amongst fields and woodland.

I would lose myself in details, ‘Daydreaming’ they said but as far as I was concerned I was just gathering information as I gazed, for who knows how long, at such things as a crowd of butterflies on a buddleia bush.

If Christmas bought a box of paints and a book I was content.

I left school at fifteen and it was not until our family were growing up that I decided to go to night school and get enough ‘O and A levels to apply to Art college

I was accepted at Bournville College of Art for one year’s foundation course (finishing in the same year that our eldest daughter was also accepted there) and then onto an honours degree course in Graphic Design, at what was then Birmingham polytechnic

The knowledge and experience that I obtained in these years opened up a whole new world 
to me
After graduating I became Graphic designer for a local wildlife charity and also did some freelance work before we moved to Galloway.

I have lived here for more than 30 years now and in that time have had my work exhibited in local galleries, including one man shows at ‘The Tollbooth’ and the ‘Mill on the Fleet’ and now have paintings in private collections all over the world.
I love to paint the ever changing hills. Sometimes they are a forbidding mass all the hills moulded together by shadows at others times the light picks each one out from it's neighbour, wonderful . They are often  melted by rain or draped in veils of mist. Occasionally as the hills emerge from the low light that precedes the dawn they glow an incredibly red as the sun rises over the hill behind me. Their silhouettes against the light of the setting sun are magical. I could paint them constantly and the results would never be the same

I am always surprised by the light as it focuses on an aspect of a familiar scene and I realise I do not know it after all. 

 I enjoy painting many subjects in many media. I am happy with a brush or pencil in my hand .